What is Dfree Global Foundation?

The Dfree Global Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization charged with leading the African American community to financial freedom through content, curriculum, training, tools and access to professionals. As the only faith-based, wealth-building system specifically designed with the black community in mind, Dfree Movement delivers access to financial freedom. The Organization uses a variety of tools to educate, motivate and support people who make the choice to achieve and sustain financial freedom.

The Financial Freedom movement

dfree® Online Academy

The NEW dfree® online Academy is the financial lifestyle education platform of dfree®! Get financial freedom at your fingertips from virtually anywhere! dfree® Academy -- always at the right pace for you. We have expert tips, videos, guides and books that help you see how easy it can be to get control of your finances and then stay in control.
Applying the principles of Dfree to my life helped me pay off two credit cards and a loan just within a year.
I learned how to manage my finances and get out of debt, and this gave me the desire to get people to come out of debt the way I was debt-free.
Paid off 5 credit cards, no longer enslaved to debts and have become much more financially independent.
I am financially independent now. I got rid of my credit cards and I’m no longer in debt.
So far reduced communal debt by $167,000 in 3 communities. We are investing in growing assets to leave generational legacies.
I’ve been able to pay at least $65,000 off and also save $5000 which has helped get back into the saving habit.
My family has been able to pay off over $260,000 worth of debt. This journey has been transformational, a blessing and a source of communion in fellowship.
Dfree helped me to be able to have a positive net worth instead of living paycheck to paycheck,which I haven’t achieved in over 20 years.
Dfree has helped me get rid of credit card debt and improve my savings for retirement! Thank you Pastor Soaries!


The dfree® Billion Dollar Challenge gives individuals and groups alike a chance to tackle debt and conquer savings with our online tracking tool. The goal of the Billion Dollar Challenge is to educate, inspire and enable participants to collectively pay down $1 billion in consumer debt. The challenge is a free, national economic campaign made up of participants that are part of Dfree programs across the globe.

The challenge encourages people to take control of their finances by:

Living within their means

Setting a budget

Paying off their debt

Creating Saving and Investing






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